Whether it's a late night study session, your child's sleepover or even a late night snack why not brighten your environment without blinding your eyes? Well our silicon based lamp, Lying Duck™, does just that. It illuminates any room with warm color yet it's soft on the eyes as it is to the touch. And by playing of its warm light, Lying Duck™ encourages drowsiness for those of us that find hard to fall asleep.

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[Durable and Environmentally Friendly] Our Lying Duck™ Light is made of high quality silicone, environmentally friendly and soft, durable and very safe to use.

[Cute Duck Shape] The duck-shaped light has a cute and interesting appearance, attractive and brings fun and courage; its long and flexible feet make it more realistic and children will like it very much.

[Best Sleeping Companion] With the latest 1200 mAh battery, our night light can be used for 4-6 hours after a full charge, perfect for midnight diaper changing and breastfeeding.

[Soft To The Touch] Three levels of brightness and tap sense, choose your preferred brightness level. Also it can be timed to turn off after 30 minutes to meet your needs.

[Multifunctional Night Light] Night light will be a good home decorative light for office, bedroom, etc., can also be used as a phone stand, child's little buddy.

Fun Touch Control

By gently patting on our Laying Duck's silicon body, you will be able to adjust the brightness levels. In addition you can add a mode that makes our lamp turn off after 30 minutes.